The FA’s Respect programme aims to create a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all players, officials and spectators.

‘We Only Do Positive’ supports the Respect programme in helping adults to understand the importance of positive behaviour and creating supportive environments for young footballers to develop their skills.

Our club 100% supports the FA Respect and ‘#weonlydopositive’ programmes, including the new ‘Pledge of Positivity’, which is a commitment from parents, spectators and coaches in grassroots football to use their influence to make the football a more enjoyable and positive experience.  This includes committing to actively encourage players
on both teams and respect for referees, coaches and other spectators. To make your own Pledge of Positivity, click here.

We expect all players, coaches and spectators involved with our club to fully understand and always follow these FA Respect rules. For more details on Respect, click here.